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All four training levels are now available via home study.

Some of the Attendees of the RLT Level-One Certification Training at the RLT Institute, May 6-8, 2009.  Attendees traveled from throughout the USA to attend, including California, Long Island, Chicago, Maryland, and Cleveland.


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Welcome to the Rational Living Therapy Institute online headquarters.  Rational Living Therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Rational Living Therapy (RLT) is an excellent, very comprehensive,  shorter-term cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy that emphasizes long-term results.  Rational Living Therapists have very little interest in helping people to feel better.  They are very interested in helping people to get better, which results in long-term happiness.

Its development was strongly influenced by a variety of approaches, including Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Rational Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and general semantics.  However, Rational Living Therapy also has its own unique techniques and philosophical aspects.

Please take of a couple of minutes to read more about Rational Living Therapy by clicking on the "About RLT" button.

Rational Living Therapy was developed by Aldo R. Pucci, Psy.D. who is a nationally recognized cognitive-behavioral therapist.  Pucci has shared his Rational Living Therapy approach with thousands of mental health professionals throughout the United States of America and Canada.  His trainees represent many countries throughout the world.

This web site includes information concerning how mental health professionals can become certified in RLT.  The certification process provides excellent training along the way which culminates in the credential, "Certified Rational Living Therapist".  Professionals also have the opportunity to become certified supervisors and instructors of RLT.

Please feel free to take a look around the site.  If you have any questions about Rational Living Therapy, visit our contact page for a variety of ways by which to get in contact with us.


Professional Trainings at the
RLT Institute

2012 Schedule

Live Webinars

April 5
Cognitive-Behavioral Substance Abuse Counseling
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May 17

Cognitive-Behavioral Relationship Therapy

June 7
Overcoming Trauma, Grief, and Guilt

Treating Eating Disorders: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

August 2
Cognitive-Behavioral Christian Counseling

September 6
Utilizing CBT with Children

October 4
Cognitive-Behavioral Persuasion Techniques

November 1
CBT: The Basics of Helping People to Get Better

December 6
A CBT Approach to Weight Loss

December 20
A CBT Approach to Smoking Cessation

Certification Seminars

RLT Level-One Certification
May 2-4
, 2012
Information Coming Soon

Rational Hypnotherapy
June 20-22, 2012
Information Coming Soon

RLT Level-Two Certification
July 18-20
, 2012
Information Coming Soon


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